The Shattered Orb is here!

Ebook_1700px 2500px_300DPIThe Shattered Orb is now available for purchase on Amazon (Free with Kindle Unlimited!)


“Amazingly detailed and original.” Amazon reviewer

“Complex intrigue to make you think.” Amazon reviewer

“It had me crying at the sad points and angry whenever the bad guys got the upper hand.” Goodreads reviewer

For a thousand years, the orb held evil at bay. . .
. . .then someone shattered it.

Hiroc is an orphan disdained by Indham’s people. A turn of fate brings him into the Holy Order as an acolyte, winning the people’s trust. But on the day he’s to make a sacrifice, he finds the altar defiled and its guards impaled. A battle against a cloaked stranger ends with Hiroc summoning fire from the sky, thus ending his life as an acolyte forever.

Commanded by the high priest to keep the news of the shattered orb and his newfound gift a secret, Hiroc is ensnared in a web of treachery and deceit that might just be the end of him and the land itself. When evil encroaches from the North, Hiroc must learn to harness the powers of an Old God.

Can he save the people who once hated him? Or will the taint of sorcery prove too difficult for one young man to overcome?

If you love the fast-paced style of Brent Weeks, and the secret histories hidden in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, you’ll love The Shattered Orb. This epic fantasy promises drama and action in a world filled with dark magic and monstrous foes.

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