Space Knight

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A world where science and magic co-exist

Mankind has mastered space travel and set out to colonize other planets. The Kingdoms formed, and war came as each side sought to command the universe.

Then the portals opened and the monsters came.

No one knows why the Grendels attacked, but mankind’s scientific weapons were not prepared for the creatures’ powers. Billions of lives were lost before humans tamed the Grendels’ magic.

Weapons, armor, and relics were created using distilled Arcane Dust, and a select few warriors were given powerful runes so that they could wield the magical equipment.

These men and women are called Space Knights, and they alone stand between the Grendels and the extinction of humanity.


One man’s quest to become a Knight

Many years have passed since the first Grendel portal opened. Now, warriors of all stripes fight for their kingdoms and clear portals for loot, prestige, and Arcane Dust.

Squire Nicholas Lyons is one such warrior. Joined by a ragtag crew of knights, soldiers, and enchanters, he seeks to serve his queen by slaying Grendels.

Space Knight is Knights of the Round Table set in a space, but much bloodier.

It’s Warhammer 40k, but with more heart.

It’s Star Wars, but without the midi-chlorians.


You’ve never read a book like Space Knight

Bloody melee combat against terrifying enemies of all shapes and sizes.

Mind-blowing space battles where magical firepower rules.

Awesome loot with powerful special abilities.

Job progression along many different pathways.

If you love magical space opera with gear acquisition and character progression, Space Knight is the series you’ve been waiting for.


The universe is immense and deadly. Can one starship crew conquer it all?

Space Knight is about a crew of the Caledonian Kingdom’s finest warriors aboard a rickety starship. Together, they must solve the Grendel’s mystery while slaying foes and collecting loot.

If you want out-of-this-world adventure, Space Knight will take you to the ends of the universe and beyond.

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