The Everlasting Throne

Book of Elements (Book 1)

Every summer Deobard travels to an ancient castle with his mother where he’s tutored by the castle’s caretaker. Much to Deobard’s surprise, his lessons become valuable when he discovers an enchanted book in the castle’s forbidden tower. Within the book’s pages lie spells that come in handy when the tower’s monsters attack. But Deobard isn’t the only one who wants the book, and some things are deadlier than monsters.

For fans of classic fantasy by the likes of Raymond Feist and David Eddings.

Also available for free with Kindle Unlimited.


Sorcerer’s Oath (Book 2)

Chaos ensues after the young sorcerer Deobard summons an earthen elemental in the middle of Endham’s town square. Forced to flee into the mountains, Deobard is beset by mountain men with arcane power to rival his own.

After escaping the mountain men, he’s imprisoned for sorcery. With the threat of execution before him, an oath to slay a monster leaves his head on his shoulders.

This oath sucks him into a whirlwind of conspiracy and madness that might just kill him.

Why not grab a copy and dive into the world of The Everlasting Throne?


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