The Infernal City (Vagrant Souls – Book 3)

The gods once lived among men until a calamity sent them into the Infernal City. Years later, a cohort of sorcerers and warlocks brought them back to the mortal realm, captured within magical orbs.

Now, Hiroc must become like those men and women of old.

After a narrow escape in the dwarven kingdom of Madukgarrd, Hiroc enters the realm of the gods. Alongside the tattooed mage Peoh and a dwarven martial fighter, he must search for a god to bring back with him. But the gods know he’s coming, and they won’t be so easily defeated.

Will Hiroc capture a god or will he lose himself to the divine realm that is the Infernal City?

Featuring as much drama as action, Book 3 in the Vagrant Souls series promises an adventure of godly proportions.

Available Late 2017


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