The Dragon Soul (Vagrant Souls – Book 2)

An enchanted relic thought lost for centuries is discovered. Only a dragon-riding priestess and a skinwalker can stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

With wards of protection, Fryda flees Indham in search of Alfric. The only problem is that he is a skinwalker capable of tearing her limb from limb. And outside the safety of Indham’s walls, she’s just one woman against a tide of skinwalkers.

Following a dangerous path, Fryda travel west, to a treasure-filled dragon hold, the forest stronghold of the realm’s most powerful sorcerer, and a mountain city where a deadly witch queen awaits.

Through it all, the mysterious relic known as the dragon soul draws Fryda and Alfric closer together. But finding each other could mean an ancient conquerer’s return to power. And that would signal the enslavement not only of their world but all those beyond it.

If you love the fast-paced style of Brent Weeks, and the secret histories hidden in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, you’ll love The Dragon Soul.

The Dragon Soul continues the character drama and reveals more about the unique world introduced in The Shattered Orb.

Available May 19, 2017

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